COVID-19 Vaccine Part 2

COVID-19 Vaccine Part 2

Brooke Wilcox, Editor

The release of the COVID-19 Vaccine has been a very confusing thing for everyone. We may ask ourselves these following questions. Where is the vaccine most needed? How much will the vaccine cost? 


According to the CDC there is one COVID-19 vaccine called the mRNA . This vaccine is injected like a flu shot. Once this vaccine is in your arm the cells start  to create protein pieces. From there, the protein piece breaks the cells and gets rid of the potential COVID-19 virus. Once the protein pieces reach the surface of our immune system our body recognizes that the protein that was injected into our body does not belong there, therefore the immune system responds and makes antibodies. Once this whole process is done our bodies will have learned how to fight off COVID-19. 


Now we ask ourselves, where is the vaccine most needed? Who should get the vaccine first?  Well they want this vaccine to go straight to healthcare workers, and people over the age of 65. The reason they want to do this is because they were the people that were most affected in the COVID-19 era.  


How much will this vaccine cost? Most health insurance plans are almost positive to cover the out of pocket cost for this vaccine. But during the election when Joe Biden won, he suggested that the vaccine should be free and available to everyone. 


What are the different vaccines? The first vaccine is the Pfizer vaccine and the NIAID vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine according to the FDA this vaccine can cause tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and fever. Now the NIAID vaccine can cause the same side effects. Once you get the first dose of the vaccine you can either feel just fine or you may have side effects, it depends on the person. But the second dose is the one that a lot of people have quite a few side effects with. According to the CDC both of these vaccines are very safe so far because they have used them on so many patients and the vaccine gives off side effects but it could save your life potentially. 


Finally, the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed but the process is still ongoing and in the works.