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Arianna Formey
Arianna Formey isn't your typical freshman; she's an author and editor of the RHS Nationalist. At school she's involved in peace corps and SALSA where she helps serve food to the homeless. Besides being a good samaritan, Arianna also loves playing volleyball, basketball and softball. When she gets some down time, she likes to cozy up to a good romance book. Arianna also likes to binge “Grey’s Anatomy” and watch “The Proposal”. If you couldn’t tell already, she's a hopeless romantic. If you ever catch her laughing it's probably because she can’t stop thinking of the word onomatopoeia. Her favorite superpower is reading people's minds because when she meets people she wants to know what they really think about her. Arianna’s inspiration in life is her mom because she’s the strongest person Arianna knows. In the next four years her goals are getting a job at a grocery store and getting into a good college.


Arianna Formey, Writer

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