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Klarissa Arballo
Klarissa, a 16-year-old junior at Roosevelt High School, is a writer and editor for the newspaper staff. She likes journalism because she wants people to see her ideas and show everyone around her what is going on in the world. Klarissa has an outgoing personality, but when it comes to her work she knows how to keep to herself and likes to listen to music to help her. She is a part of the RHS soccer, gymnastics and track team and also works at Old Navy in the Empire Mall. Klarissa would really enjoy trying to skydive and or parasail one day. If you asked Klarissa what her favorite food is she would tell you it is cake and pickles, but not together, of course.  

Klarissa Arballo, Writer

Jan 03, 2019
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Oct 05, 2018
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