The Nationalist

Taylor Musil
If Taylor isn’t playing video games, she’s either writing or watching her favorite TV show, “Parks and Recreation”. The person Taylor looks up to most in life is her mom. If Taylor could have any superpower in the world she’d be a shapeshifter because it's completely overpowered! Taylor’s only after school activity is Journalism; she was coerced into joining by the Journalism teacher, Mr. McFarland. Taylor is unable to join any other activities due to her job at the local Hy-Vee. If Taylor could go anywhere in the world, she would choose the city of angels, Los Angeles. Her favorite word is “hydration” due to the soothing tone of the word.

Taylor Musil, Writer, Editor

Oct 19, 2018
The Shadow of the Tomb Raider is not fading into obscurity yet (Story)
Sep 25, 2018
A phone that’s a grand plus a heart-tracking band (Story)
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