The Nationalist

Tinesha Half is a writer and editor for The Nationalist. She is currently a 15-year-old junior at Roosevelt High School who enjoys drawing and playing basketball and volleyball during her free time. Tinesha also enjoys listening to music and uses music as a way to focus herself. When asked who her inspiration in life was, she said her grandmother because she has been strong through everything life has thrown her way. If Tinesha could have any superpower in the world, she says it would be teleportation, so she could travel to different places and different moments in time. Tinesha says that if she could have any animal in the world it would be something fluffy, although her favorite animal is a dog. When asked what her favorite movie or TV show was she said that there are too many to choose only one. Tinesha enjoys munching on some Hot Cheetos or Takis whenever she gets the chance to, and last but not least, Tinesha’s favorite place in the world is Canada, the place she was born.

Tinesha Half, Writer

Roosevelt High School's Student Newspaper