The Nationalist

Vinessa Sowell
Vinessa is a goofy ginger girl that loves hippie vibes, studies music and writes for The Nationalists. She volunteers at the Faith Temple Food Giveaway and is current looking for a job. Vee spends most of her time listening to music, writing poetry, and drawing in her grandma’s basement. Her goals in life are to make it onto The Voice and study music. To be able to just make it in life and not have to worry. Her words of wisdom are: “Even if you are trash, you can still go great things. It is called trash can NOT trash cannot.” Vinessa favorite quote is “Stop waiting for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” If you wish to be her friend… food is a great choice to get into her heart. Fun comments Vinessa found on the internet that fit her best: “I prefer my puns intended.” “I was born at a very young age.” “Born to express not impress.”

Vinessa Sowell, Writer

Apr 25, 2018
Find your Bluebird (Story)
Roosevelt High School's Student Newspaper