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The Search for High School EMTs

POSTED September 6, 2019

Sioux Falls Pplus, also known as Paramedics Plus, recently lowered the age for their EMTs from twenty-one years old to nineteen. This change allows high school students with their EMT certification to start working in their ambulances.

EMTs are trained to give basic emergency care to people in need. The range of situations is vast for an EMT; they can be caring for a laboring mother on the way to the hospital or taking someone to the emergency room for back pain. The life of an EMT varies by day and comes with different levels of excitement.

However, Paramedics Plus isn’t the only organization looking for high schoolers.  Med-star is another emergency medical service offering positions as an EMT at the age of eighteen. Although they are based in Brandon, many new EMTs in the Sioux Falls area apply to Med-star. In fact, the two agencies are in tough competition while looking for new hires. 

High schoolers interested in working in an ambulance can obtain their EMT certification through the Sioux Falls Career and Technical Center. The EMT class is available 2nd semester to seniors with the prerequisite of either Anatomy and Physiology, Health Careers I, or PLTW Human Body Systems.



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