(Image courtesy of TBEC Review/Wikimedia Commons)

Image courtesy of TBEC Review/Wikimedia Commons

Just because it Isn’t a Cigarette Doesn’t Mean it Can’t Kill

POSTED September 13, 2019

People in the age range of 17-38 are addicted to this deadly device that has an equal amount of 20 cigarettes in each refill. The device is called an e-cigarette.

This bad habit has been popular since 2017. People usually bully or pressure someone into doing these actions, or people smoke e-cigarettes to use this as a coping for depression or when they are just having a bad day. 

People that smoke will get more receptors in their brains than non-smokers. If they try to stop smoking they could get nicotine withdrawal such as anxiety, depressed mood, anger, and restlessness. The good news is if you stop smoking your receptors may go back to normal. 

Vaping can give you health problems like lung diseases or not being able to breathe regularly. People try to say it’s safe by saying things like “ It keeps you from doing drugs” or “ Vaping is safer than cigarettes.” The FDA has started a recent investigation into e-cigarettes and the future of vaping could go up into smoke. 

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