Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

POSTED November 4, 2019




Scooter’s: We tasted their Caramelicious Blender. For a medium it was $5.25 which is pretty expensive for just a medium. The coffee had a strong taste for the first couple sips instead of it’s sweet caramel taste. With the whip there was extra caramel on the top which helped the the caramel taste come out a little more stronger.




Starbucks: We tried their Caramel Frappe. It had a strong flavor, probably had the best flavor out of all of them. The cost was $5.25 which is a little expensive, but the size was definitely worth it. The presentation overall was similar to pictures with the whip cream and caramel drizzle, and was made with care. 



Caribou Coffee: The Caramel Cooler at Caribou had a sweeter taste than the other two places. It seemed to have more caramel than coffee, but was still a decent cup of coffee. The cost was $4.69 which isn’t expensive compared to the other two. Presentation was average with no caramel drizzle.

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