(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

People Who Own a Dog Could Live a Happier and Longer Life

POSTED December 6, 2019

If you get to hug dogs everyday, you might live longer than people who don’t even get to touch or hangout with a big ball of fur.

Studies have shown when dogs and humans interact they both get a jolt of Oxycontin, the so-called “cuddle hormone.” It makes you want to cuddle with the dog and play with them until you run out of breath. So when you get up and play with your dog, you are getting up and moving and you go outside more often which helps you with your health, and including your mental health. 

Some programs have a therapy dog go to residency rooms and interact with the patients. When the patients, that are alone at the hospital all day, see the slobbery fur ball they light up, because it is very lonesome at a hospital all by yourself. Just seeing that tail wag and the dog giving you it’s unconditional love can make your day. If you are just struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issues, a dog can really help. It makes you feel like you have a partner in crime that eats all your food. 

People with health problems like heart disease, diabetes, low blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease can be helped by having a dog. Dog owners have to take their dogs on walks and play with them, which makes people get up and move around with this high energy mammal. Even just interacting with a dog for a small period of time could help improve your health. 

Researchers have recorded the health of dog owners over the years to see if their health has changed.  Dog ownership has been linked to 21% reduction in the risk of death with heart diseases with over 12 years of study. So I recommend if you aren’t allergic to dogs, that you should get one. They might just save your life.

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