Dumbest Inventions

POSTED January 2, 2020

Want to make money really fast? Create an invention that will make everyday living easier, better, or more efficient. Currently the news is covering the creation of Disney + and their revenue. Disney is projected to have “620 movies, 10,000 TV episodes and numerous short features by its fifth year.” However, not all inventions sweep the nation with such success. Here is just a sampling of some no-so-hot inventions. 







Keeping your hands clean has never been easier. Handerpants are underwear for your hands. Their website stated that this invention is good for “sanitary handshakes,” “texting,” and “cooking.” For only $10 plus shipping these Handerpants can be yours. Just don’t get caught with your Handerpants down.




Pet Rock:


The pet that never dies. This pet does not need to be walked, played with, or cleaned; it’s the perfect pet for little children and busy adults. Amazon sells the pet rock for only $20 with free shipping for Prime members. In the description on Amazon they state that your pet rock is the “[p]erfect desk pet and friend that will be your ‘ROCK’ through life’s hardest moments.” Buy it today! Buy it today! Or go outside and pick up a rock.




Walking Sleeping Bag:


Camping is great with this unique edition to your trip. No more having to leave the warm sleeping bag to brave the chills of the night. People are now able to walk around wearing their sleeping bag wherever they go. Need to go pick up McDonalds? The walking sleeping bag has your back. Need to go Christmas shopping? The walking sleeping bag can help. Need to go pick up your friends but don’t want to get out of bed? The walking sleeping bag is there for you too.




Wine Glass Holder Necklace:


Pump up your parties! With the Wine Glass Holder Necklace, party animals are able to hold two (root) beers and a glass of (sparkling) wine. This product is so cheap even college students can afford $7 worth of fun. However, take precautions and follow the following rules: do not jump, do not fall, and do not party.







McDonald’s FRORK:


On May 5th, 2017 McDonald’s released their french fry fork. This fork had a spot for customers to put fries in it, and the fries would act as the tines of the fork. This utensil is unique and got people’s attention and money. Don’t forget that with this fork you won’t be able to eat so don’t plan on using it. Read more in the article below.







Tired of picking up your dog’s poop? The Pootrap will do all the work for you! Attach the Pootrap to your dog and there will be a bag over their bottom at all times. Only $40! Why not keep your dogs poop all over their bottom? Wouldn’t you want a bag of poop attached to your bottom too? 



These inventions are great for joke gifts; however, they don’t have any usefulness or practicality. Anyone can make a simple gimmick to make money fast. Comment your opinions on the usefulness of these inventions down below.   

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    Alex WohlwendJan 21, 2020 at 10:23 am

    These are the dumbest inventions I have ever seen. If one wants a pet rock (for some strange reason) they can just pick one up on the ground instead of paying $20 for a rock in a box. The handerpants also confuse me. There are regular, non-idiotic gloves out there cheaper than those complete waste of money. Also, $40 for a bag to put on the end of a dogs butt! What is wrong with these people. It’s not just the sellers who are stupid. Anyone who buys the McDonalds FRORK is just conning themselves. The only thing that I can kind of say I would somewhat want would be the Walking Sleeping Bag because it is hilarious and could be made into a decent halloween costume.