Is it Worth It, The Nintendo Switch?

POSTED March 5, 2020

The majority of people have heard about a Nintendo Switch. The Switch costs $299.00 plus tax without any type of bundles. I recently bought one and I tested it out and reviewed it for anyone wanting one. When I opened the box the Switch came with the usual console and the two joy cons. However, the console comes along with some accessories. 

You get a pair of wrist straps sliders, they are an accessory that you can attach to your controllers, that you can attach to your joy cons, they are your controllers for the Switch, so you can play just dance without having to worry about the joy con slipping out of your hand. It also comes with an HDMI cable and a power cable so you can connect the Switch to your TV and play games like a normal console like an Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii. The Switch allows you to play on the device you have or the TV, and you get the docking station, so you can plug your Switch in another way, you can also connect your HDMI cord to the station and connect it to your TV.

Lastly, you get a joy con grip, so if you’re familiar with a normal controller you can slide in the joy cons into the grip and play using a controller. Now reviewing this I had a few aspects that seemed very important in whether getting it: cost, controllability, power source, and visuals.

Scoring system is out of Five.

Cost:  🔺🔺🔺

The average cost of a Switch is $299.00. A switch could definitely be pricey for those who can’t afford it, but I took a method of just putting some money aside every paycheck, then slowly building it up. Then you also have to factor in that many of the games for it are $60 and up.


Controllability: 🔺🔺🔺🔺

The controls are easy to use but they can be hard to get used to when you never played on a Switch. The controls are easy to detach from the console and easy to slide into the accessories, and they are easy to detach and put back on the console.  


Power Source: 🔺🔺🔺🔺

It has been able to last three or four days with minimal charging . When I first received the console, it was at half battery. In an honest opinion I feel the battery is good for a portable console. The only problem I have is how the block connected to the charger is hard to use around other ports.


Visuals: 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺

So far with the games I’ve played the visuals are clear and easy to see. The games I’ve tested so far are Stardew Valley which is a normally pixel game but on the Switch it still looks amazing and not hard to look at. The second game I have tested it on is Pokemon Shield and let’s just say, the visuals are so clear and clean. I used to have problems looking at their games on a 3DS but on the Switch it looks very good. I have also been looking to test some more visuals on different types of games but so far the visuals on the Switch are pretty good.


Final Opinion

The Switch overall seems to overcome the cost with its other aspects. Yeah it might be pricey but that’s the world in general. With the Switch you get good battery life and it can be used anywhere: at a friends house, on a long drive to visit family, or being at your own home. The visuals have improved on the console from a 3DS. The Switch is overall easy to use and play. 

If you want to buy a Switch you’ll need a plan. You need to plan how you are getting the money for this so maybe each paycheck just put aside a little bit of money and build it up. The best way to save money is patience and making goals. The abilities of the Switch overall exceed the price. It makes the price for the Switch when the abilities of the switch match the price.

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  • L

    LilianMar 17, 2020 at 9:07 am

    Yes, I also feel like a Switch is arguably the best gaming console out there, however, if you’re looking for a more simple, and cheaper option, I would go for the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is 199, 100 dollars less than the main unit. I have purchased the Lite, and it is very portable and it can play all of the games that the normal Switch can too!