Autumn’s Quarantine List!

POSTED April 14, 2020

Autumn’s Quarantine list! This list has 30 things that would be great to do while being stuck at home! Feel free to comment on what you’re doing during this quarantine. 


  1. Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle if not 1,000 maybe start with 25 pieces
  2. Start a daily journal about your quarantine life. Maybe publish after the pandemic
  3. Learn how to play an instrument such as the flute or the piano
  4. Write some poetry
  5. Watch all the really long movies you’ve been avoiding- Titanic, Schindler’s List, Lord of the Rings, The Wolf of Wall Street, JFK, Malcolm X, Avatar
  6. Download Duolingo and learn a new language
  7. Play board games – Clue, Life, Scrabble, Sorry, Risk
  8. Play card games – Garbage, BlackJack, War, Baloney, Spoons
  9. Paint/draw/do art
  10. Read the book then watch the movie – Suggestions: The Host, Divergent series, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Fault in Our Stars, The Princess Bride, The Notebook, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Twilight, Forrest Gump
  11. Read a book – My recommendations: Everything Everything, Small Great Things
  12. Create a skin routine – gotta look good for when quarantine is over
  13. Candle Making! Don’t get wax on yourself though; that burns!
  14. Fashion Show plus a photoshoot
  15. Learn how to bake – make a cake, cookies, brownies
  16. Watch the movies that got Oscars for best picture – Parasite, Green Book, The Shape of Water, Moonlight, Spotlight, Birdman, 12 Years A Slave
  17. FaceTime with friends
  18. Attempt a self-portrait and post it your Instagram or Snapchat
  19. Coloring books… they’re not just for kids!
  20. Make a fort – Trampoline forts are by far the best
  21. Go through your make up and throw out the old stuff
  22. Start exploring college majors and different schools!
  23. Redecorate your room! Maybe include painting the walls! 
  24. Learn how to cook! I’d love some chicken alfredo delivered
  25. Dye your hair a new color! Do worry you’re quarantined! If you don’t like it no one will see it!
  26. Make a list of everything you’re going to do once quarantine is over – Concerts, Amusement parks, Places to go swimming
  27. Teach your dog how to shake… consider using hand sanitizer
  28. Learn how to dance! The salsa, the tango… and more!
  29. Coronavirus beard! Let it grow out, moisturize it, love it.
  30. Strengthen your non-dominant hand with activities.

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