Mystery Seeds

POSTED September 17, 2020

China is sending mystery seeds to people all around the world. Recipients are told ‘DO NOT plant them’ by their departments of agriculture. 


The U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) started to be notified of these mystery seeds back in June.The seeds were in packaging for jewelry, but when people opened the packaging they didn’t see jewelry, but saw seeds instead. The word got around quickly about these mystery seeds. The USDA informed the public immediately to not plant the seeds or use them for compost. They even tweeted “Pls don’t plant seeds from unknown origins!” They are afraid it could be multiple things that would/could destroy our environment.


In Kentucky they have reported many seeds that look like they are coated in something purple. They have concerns that it could be insecticide or fungicide that kills crops. It is very alarming for Kentucky because they have the most abundant food supply, so it is very worrisome for Kentucky and their food supplies. 


Some specialists think the seeds are a scam to gain positive reviews for online selling sites, but other specialists have other ideas about these mystery seeds. They have a concern that they could be non-native species that could disrupt our environment, or even carry pests and diseases. The USDA has identified 14 kinds of seeds. USDA reported that there were flowery seeds and some vegetable seeds. They still ask you not to plant them just in case there is a disease or pest of some sort because of uncertainty about the seeds. 

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