Burning and devastation continues in California

POSTED September 18, 2020


Ashes.  Smoke.  Heartbreak.  These are what California residents are left with, as 14,000 firefighters continue to battle deadly fires as they roar up destroying homes and leaving people stranded. 

Firefighters have been battling these fires from Aug.15- present. According to Fire.ca.gov, the wildfires have been the worst in San Francisco and are now moving up the region, spreading up to Oregon and moving potentially up to Washington.. 

This year was a very dry, humid year in California. Experts believe the majority of the fires were started by a lightning storm. However, investigations are still currently underway. Due to the dry underbrush the fires spread quickly and have plenty of fuel to keep burning.

How are these fires affecting everyone? They are spreading from state to state, and not knowing when the wildfires will be contained, is causing stress and in some cases panic for West Coast residents. For many families, loved ones are worried about their family members that are firefighters who have been deployed to help contain the fires. 

The smoke from these fires have caused health issues for many Americans. According to Lung.org, the smoke is extremely harmful to children, older people, and people with asthma, causing health issues and even death.

As of Sep.18 the fire has killed at least 33 people according to major news sites. Because of weather conditions and the amount of dry brush left, these fires may rage for months to come, resulting in more deaths, destruction, and anxiety. 


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