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POSTED October 2, 2020

Covid has affected almost everyone in a lot of different ways and sports are no exception. So as some sports begin to start and others near an end here’s what’s happening in each sport.

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Football, one of the fan-favorite sports in America is starting. The NFL has currently played 3 weeks of games and 7 teams out of the 32 teams are on a great 3-0 record going into the 4th week. Not to mention the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to win the 101st season of the NFL. Although the Chiefs are expected to win some teams may just be on a rocky start because of the entire preseason being canceled due to Covid-19. Another change to the NFL is some games there will be no fans and other games will only have 25% of the stadium filled and it’s not just affecting the fans. One of the Cowboy’s biggest stars, Ezekiel Elliott, got Covid-19 and may be out for a long time.

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One sport is coming to an end, and entering the playoffs is the NBA. So far each team has played about 72 of the 82 normal season games as some were canceled due to Covid-19. Also, the 2 best teams that are going into the playoffs are the Milwaukee Bucks with a 56-17 record and the Los Angeles Lakers with a record of 52-19. Despite the fact that the Lakers are doing very well, the Milwaukee Bucks are expected to win the 72nd season. But with Covid-19 no fans are able to enter the stadium but surprisingly their video is put on a video board showing them supporting their favorite players and cheering their team on. But a big problem for the Brooklyn Nets is that they just drafted Kevin Durant to their team for an outstanding 4 year 164 million dollar deal.

Another popular sport is the MLB and it’s nearing an end as some teams just secured a spot in the playoffs, some teams just played their last regular-season game in the 60 game season, and leading all the teams in the league are the Dodgers with the best record of 36-15 and to add to that the Dodgers are expected to win the 127th season of the MLB, but to help deal with Covid-19 fans cannot enter the stadium and support their favorite teams or players.

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Another sport coming to an end is the WNBA, it’s entering the finals in its 24th season and the 2 teams entering the finals are the Seattle Storm and the Las Vegas Aces. The Seattle Storm is expected to win with the best regular-season record of 18-4, but no fans can come and support their favorite teams. Instead, they’re on a screen to cheer and support them. But a big problem for the WNBA is the decrease in revenue. Losing approximately 10 million dollars a year, and having no fans in the stadium is making it even worse.

Lastly, a sport just beginning is the Women’s Nation Soccer League. They’re entering the 2020 season and just played their first game out of the 24 regular-season games. The team leading so far is the Chicago Red Stars. They won last season and are expected to win this season as well. But just like every other sport they will not allow fans to come in the stadium and due to that, they’re making less money. Some players are making as low as 20,000 dollars a year compared to the NBA’s 893,310 minimum salary forcing them to find another job in addition to soccer.

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