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Sd Attorney General Hits “Something”

POSTED December 8, 2020

On Sept 12 2020, there was a fatal crash near Highmore South Dakota involving South Dakota attorney general, Jason Ravnsborg. Ravnsborg was driving home to Pierre, SD from a Republican Party dinner when he hit something that was in the road. He called 911 and told them he hit a deer, but when he went back to the scene in the morning the body of Joseph Boever was found in a ditch next to his car. 

 Many of the authorities’ first thought was that Ravnsborg was under the influence, but they took his toxicology test and he came back with 0%. Here was the catch though, they took that test almost 15 hours later and researchers say not even someone who was drinking  heavily would show anything after that long. A month after the crash  officials had done some forensic mapping and reconstructed the crash, creating suspicion for the public. Yes, officials did say he  sounded sober on his 911 call doesn’t   mean he didn’t have some sort of drink that night. Ravnsborg did not have any injuries, and Joseph Boever’s autopsy showed extreme trauma from a motor vehicle colliding into him.  We still do not know the actual outcome of the investigation due to North Dakota forensic examiners helping the investigation, and no official charges have been filed.

 Investigators are saying Ravnsborg was distracted while driving but they cannot say how they know yet. Ravnsborg had also received 6 speeding tickets during 2014-2018 and he was elected in 2018. This raises suspicion because there could be more from 2018- present but he might be looked over now due to being the attorney general, like he might be doing in this case. Was he under the influence? That we do not know the answer to, and we may never.

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