The Search for Serenity

POSTED November 30, 2020

In 2019 on February 3rd, a 9 year old girl named Serenity Dennard ran away from Black Hills Home which is prioritized for children with behavioral issues.

Serenity was known to escape from her home in Sturgis, South Dakota and it was often without reason. This behavior continued to occur even after she was placed in the Black Hills  Home. 

Serenity was last known to exit the gym building at the Black Hills Home at approximately 11am. She quickly got away because another child was distracting the employees that were on duty. When Serenity escaped, a woman was dropping off a child with her granddaughter at the northern entrance of the school. When the lady begins to drive away both the granddaughter and the women see Serenity running alone across the parking lot. As Serenity stumbles everywhere the woman goes back to the children’s home and informs the staff of a runaway child. As the woman is inside the granddaughter is still in the car and watching Serenity stumble on the way towards northern rockerville road. The granddaughter then loses sight of Serenity. The staff finally begins to search on foot and in vehicles and not a trace of Serenity is found. After an hour and 20 minutes of searching the staff finally decided to call the police to help locate the young girl. The search continues into the present day for sweet Serenity Dennard. 

All in all, even after 1,200 people, 4,500 miles of woodlands covered, and all of the 220 leads, and 465 interviews, we still have nothing on Serenity Dennard as of present time

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