Hunting accident ends in tragedy

POSTED December 14, 2020


A 28 year old man was shot and killed in Northern Minnesota while hunting. 

This tragic event happened on Wednesday November 25th, 2020. It was near the Red Lake Reservation boundary within the block of Irvine Avenue near Nebish Township, Minnesota.  

The victim, Lukas R. Dudley,  was hunting east of Irvine Avenue near the south boundary road when his life was taken from him unexpectedly. 

33 year old Rain Stately who was also hunting thought he saw movement and assumed it was a deer. Dudley was not wearing bright orange or highly visible articles of clothing which made him difficult to see. When Stately found Dudley dead he then called 911. According to Sheriff reports Stately  has been very calm and cooperative with this event which is still under investigation. 

Lukas was born May 27th, 1992, and he was the son of Richard and Teri Dudley. He was raised in Red Lake and he graduated from Bemidji High School in 2010. He also worked as a logger. In his free time Lukas adored hunting, fishing, being outdoors, cooking, but most importantly he loved his friends and family. He had a fiance by the name of Miranda Thomas and three children Jonathan, Aunaliese, and Benjamin.

Lukas Dudley’s funeral was held on December 4th, 2020 and he will be greatly missed by family and friends.


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