Shooting and High Speed Chase End in Arrest

POSTED January 29, 2021

Shooting and High Speed Chase lead to Arrest

On January 13, 2021 at 11:24 am in Sioux Falls, SD 27 year-old Mitchell James Houchins was found dead laying in the street with a gunshot wound. The three suspects are Josue Emmanuel Hernandez, Crystal Lorraine Mousseau, and Susan Alice Sanchez. 

Allegedly, Mousseau drove with Houchins to the scene of the homicide and Sanchez admitted to being in Hernandez’s corner during the fight. “Mousseau said she knew he had a gun but he told her he didn’t intend on hurting Houchins.”  Hernandez and Mousseau planned to rob Houchins during the drug deal because they were both upset that Houchins took $1,000 from one of their friends. 

The car Hernandez was driving was stolen on December 16th, and the police think he was in the fatal shooting on December 30th.   When Hernandez was arrested On January 13th after officers pursued Hernandez in a ten mile chase from 12th street to Kiwanis Ave he was apprehended and arrested.  Hernandez was driving 50-70mph and as recklessly as he was driving there were only minor crashes and injuries. When the officers finally got Hernandez blockaded into a corner Hernandez unsuccessfully rammed into the officers’ vehicles and they took him into custody.  

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