New CDC Mask Guideline

POSTED May 20, 2021

On May 14th, 2021, the CDC released a statement saying that anyone who is 100% vaccinated can now go out without a mask, and does not have to social distance. But, there are some exceptions; you still have to wear a mask in mask-required stores, on public transportation, and in other places like hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters, states ABC News.

Recently, National Nurses United (NNU) snapped back a comment towards the CDC’s statement, saying “This newest CDC guidance is not based on science, does not protect public health, and threatens the lives of patients, nurses, and other frontline workers across the country.”

Then the CDC told Fox News that this new guideline is “in fact, based on science and not a result of political pressure.”

But is society really allowed to take off the mask? How is the general public supposed to know if the people around them are fully vaccinated or not? Some news sources are now rolling out with a new device called “Immunaband”. Basically, the wristband will hold your vaccination records so you’ll be able to prove that you got your Covid Vaccine.

So should Americans take the mask off? Or should they keep living the way they are now, and not at least try to get back to normal life pre-Covid? As of right now (May 19th, 2021), there are 33 Million Covid cases in America alone. So 33 Million out of 328 Million people in America have Covid-19. That is about 10.06% of Americans. That’s not a terrible number, but it’s not the best either. So, the choice is really up to you. Just be honest about having the vaccine or not.


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