Just a friendly reminder: Seatbelts Save Lives

POSTED September 24, 2021

Did you know since 1975 seatbelts have saved 374,276 lives. In 2017, 14,995 lives were saved because of seatbelts. Nine times out of ten, wearing a seat belt will save you according to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).


   In the event of a car crash, the two things that could save you are airbags and your seat belt. This is especially important for younger drivers. One of the worst phone calls a parent or loved one can receive is a call from the police telling them that their son or daughter has gotten into a fatal crash, a death that could have been avoided with the simple click of a seatbelt.

   Seatbelts have saved countless lives since 1985 when seatbelts were first required in Sioux Falls, SD.  In 2020 in South Dakota alone there were 126 collisions and 135 deaths. How many of those killed in crashes could’ve been saved by a simple click of the buckle?

   In a recent interview with Roosevelt High School Resource Officer Bruxvoort, better known as  “Officer Tina”, the Nationalist staff asked a few questions about seatbelts and teen driving; here is what she had to say:


Q1.  What advice would you give to new drivers about seatbelts?

    “Always wear them. Not only is it the law, it has saved countless lives in the event of a crash.” 


Q2. What advice would you give to those who don’t think seatbelts save lives?

   “Countless lives would’ve been saved if seatbelts were worn in the event of a crash. I have seen countless accidents since I joined the police force and in some of these accidents all of the people would’ve survived if seatbelts had been worn.” 


Q3. Why is wearing your seatbelt important in town?

   “A lot of people think that in town it is a lot safer because of the speed limit but they don’t know what the other drivers’ speeds are.” 


Q4. What are the top tips you would give to Student Drivers?

  1. “Always wear your seatbelt even if you’re only going to be in the car for two minutes.” 
  2. “Stay off all electronics. “
  3. “Be observant.”
  4. “Minimize distractions.” (music, friends, etc.)


 “Remember taking your eyes off the road for even just a second” could lead to a lifetime of regret. In an instant your life could be the next one taken in a car crash so please always wear your seatbelt.  



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A very special thanks to Officer Tina for helping us answer some questions. ALWAYS REMEMBER  “Buckle up it’s the law” and “Hear the click”. Your loved ones shouldn’t have to make your funeral arrangements because you didn’t buckle up. 


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