Things to do in Sioux Falls that will cure your boredom and fill your belly. (pt.1)

POSTED October 5, 2022

Sioux Falls may be small but it still has a lot to offer if you know where to look.  Whether you’re visiting or have lived here your whole life there’s always something to do. 


Wanna grab a bite to eat? Listed below are eight great locally owned drive-throughs and restaurants. 

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  1. Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe– Camille’s is a great cafe and is most popular during the day. They are known for their lunch foods. There are two locations, one is in the Empire Mall food court, and the other is at 1216 West 41st. Street. Both locations serve a quick variety of options from sandwiches to pizza. 
  2. Golden Bowl– Golden Bowl is a Chinese restaurant with amazing dishes. Some of their most popular dishes are their Cajun Chicken Bowl, Orange Chicken Bowl, Titans Bowl, Dinner Bowl, General Tso’s Chicken Bowl, Lo mein, Combo Lo mein, Fried Rice, Japanese soda, and of course their Golden Bowl. Golden Bowl is located in downtown Sioux Falls, more specifically 2600 S Spring Ave. 
  3. Shenanigans– Shenanigans is a sports bar and restaurant, a great place to go meet up with friends and family to watch a Friday night football game. They are known for their chislic and pizza. Shenanigans is most popular during the evening time (5pm-9pm). Shenanigans is located at 1903 S Ellis Rd.
  4. Original Pancake House(OPH)– OPH is another great place to go when looking for a delicious breakfast. They serve everything you’d want for breakfast from pancakes to omelets, to biscuits and gravy and more! OPH is located at 2715 W 41st St.
  5. Josiah’s- Josiah’s is a fantastic choice to go when you’re looking for a place to have a great meal, as well as share some laughs with your friends and family. They have a variety of foods for you to choose from. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner foods, but are most popular from 6 AM to 2 PM. Josiah’s is located at 104 W 12th St.

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  6. All Day Cafe– All Day Cafe has some of the most delicious breakfast foods and with 4.5 stars (according to Google reviews.) It’s normally about a 15 minute wait, and is most popular from around 9AM to 12 PM. All Day Cafe is located at 2101 W 41st St.
  7. Minervas– Minervas originated in Sioux Falls but then moved to other locations such as Watertown SD; Sioux City, IA; Rapid City, SD; Yankton, SD; Aberdeen, SD; Okoboji,IA; Traverse City, MI; and Paramount Cocktails (studio for cocktails and food). Minerva’s is known for their salad bar and dinner food. 
  8. B&G Milkyway– Desert time! B&G Milkyway is a locally owned ice cream shop, but also serves hot food like homemade baked beans, fries, walking tacos, sloppy joes, etc. B&G has slushwhips, maltes, shakes, freezes, cones and more. It is highly recommend if you also want dinner and are looking for a sweet treat to eat after. B&G Milkyway has 7 open locations, 4 of which are actually in Sioux Falls. The rest are located at Brandon, Tea, and Harrisburg. 


Bored now with nothing to do? Here are some activities you can do, while you’re at it bring a friend with you too. Here are six really fun places to go all year round.

  1. Escape 605 and Axe Throwing– Escape 605 has 6 escape rooms with different difficulties to chose from for those new to the trend and those looking for their next challenge. Their axe throwing holds private events, corporate events, as well as different social games and events. They are located at 3718 S Westport Ave. 
  2. Empire Mall– Are you in the mood to shop? The Empire Mall is an exceptional place to do so. The Empire Mall has over 110 shops to chose from with lots of variety. From trendy fashion clothing stores, to athletic wear, and footwear. It also has a food court with a ton of resturaunts to chose from. Google reviews says the Empire Mall has 4.2 stars with 5,464 reviews. The Empire Mall is on 41st. Street off of interstate I-29.

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  3. Sertoma Park and Butterfly House-The Sertoma Park has playgrounds to play on, as well as many tables in shaded areas to eat your food and talk. As for the Butterfly House, there are 4 main exhibits. The Butterfly House, Aquarium, Pacific Tide Pool, and Discovery Den, and Stingray Habitat. For children ages 0-2 the fee to get in is free. Children ages 3-17 the fee is $10. Adults ages 18-59 the fee is $14 and for anybody over 59 the fee is $12. 
  4. Great Shots and Golf Addiction–  Are you in the mood to go golfing, but can’t because it’s winter? Well, I have the perfect solution for you. Great Shots and Golf Addiction both are available to you anytime, any season. Even if you aren’t a pro golfer, Great Shots has a bunch of different game modes for you to try. Great Shots also has food and drinks for you to have while you are golfing. Golf Addiction is a virtual golf facility and also serves  food and drinks for you to enjoy. Golf Addiction is the perfect option for you if you want to meet up with some of your buddies after a long week. You get to have fun and enjoy your golfing skills. Perfect for people who love golfing and just want to get in some more practice. Do you have a sudden urge to go golfing now? 
  5. Washington Pavilion– The Washinton Pavillion is a great place for both children and adults due to the variety of options to choose from. The Washington Pavillion always has different live performances, eight art galleries, over 100 hands-on science exhibits, different STEAM( Science, technology, engineering and math) classes and events, camps, different programs and more! You can event host events at the Washington Pavillion.For example you can host a birthday party, a gaming party, corporate event, and even a wedding. Not only that but it also has its very own restaurant called Leonardos Cafe.  The Washinton Pavillion is located at 301 S. Main Ave.
  6. Denny Premiere-The Denny Premiere Center always has great live shows, concerts, sports games and more. The Denny Premiere Center is a great place to go when you’re wanting to go somewhere with a group of friends, but aren’t sure what to do. The Denny always seems to have some event for you making it a perfect place to make some great memories that will last a lifetime. The Denny Premiere is located at 1201 N W Ave. 
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 Now that you’re finished eating and have a pretty good idea of what activities Sioux Falls has to offer, make sure to stay tuned for more information in the next few months for tips on seasonal activities and historical sites. 


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