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Great Games You May Have Missed in 2022

POSTED December 19, 2022

I did some research on video games that have come out in 2022 and this is a list of some of them. Whether you like action-adventure, open-world, dungeon crawler, or horror these games are great and definitely worth a try.

  • “Elden Ring”- Elden Ring is an open-world adventure game, it centers around the player’s customizable Tarnished character. The Tarnished are a group of people who have been forgotten but receive a blessing to gather the Elden Ring’s runes. Runes are used as currency and EXP (experience points) for players. This can be purchased on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox, as well as Steam for $59.99



  • “OlliOlli World”- This is a 2D skateboarding game that takes your characters on an adventure to meet the skate gods and search for Gnarvana. OlliOlli World is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $29.99

  • “Horizon Forbidden West”- In Horizon Forbidden West you play as Aloy, the events of this game take place a half year after Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy must find the source of a plague that kills anything infected. On her journey, she encounters beasts new and old and wildly different climates such as deserts, valleys, ruined cities, mountains, and beaches. The game can be bought on PS4 and PS5 for $59.99 



  • “Tunic”- Tunic is an action-adventure game following a small fox who must explore an unknown land full of ancient power and monsters. It is available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S for $29.99 

  • “The Quarry”- The Quarry is an interactive survival horror game. When playing you switch between camp counselors and make decisions for them as they try to survive their last night stuck at Hacketts Quarry summer camp. The Quarry is available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S for $59.99 



  • “Stray”- In Stray, you will play as an orange cat who must explore an underground city while trying to get back up to the surface to rejoin your family. Stray can be played on PS4, PS5, and Windows for $40 

  • “The Last of Us Part I”- The Last of Us Part I is a remake of the 2013 game The Last of Us. The game follows a man named Joel tasked with delivering Ellie, a teenage girl, across the country. Ellie is supposedly immune to a disease that turns people into zombie-like creatures and has to be brought across the country to make a cure for the disease using her. The Last of Us Part I is available on PS5 for $70



  • “Cult of the Lamb”- In this rogue dungeon crawler with sandbox elements game you play as Lamb and you start your cult. Defeat enemies, gain followers, make sacrifices, and spread your word. Cult of the Lamb is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox X/S for $24.99 

  • “Splatoon 3”- Splatoon 3 takes place five years after Splatoon 2 in Splatsville. It is a third-person shooter that focuses on online multiplayer. The characters’ weapons shoot blobs of ink because your character is a humanoid squid that can swim through the ink you shoot out. But if your character swims through an opponent’s ink it hurts you. Splatoon 3 is playable on Nintendo Switch for $59.99 



  • “A Plague Tale: Requiem”- This game is set six months after A Plague Tale: Innocence. Amicia and Hugo have moved South where they try to begin a new life and cure Hugo of his curse. But when the curse reawakens Amicia and Hugo must go on the run again, they make allies and learn of an island that may save Hugo. A Plague Tale: Requiem is on Xbox X/S, PS5, PC, and Switch for $49.99 


I hope some of these games piqued your interest. What were your favorite video games of 2022?,they%20will%20be%20lost%20forever 

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