What will the future of automobiles look like and how soon will the full transition occur in the auto industry?

POSTED February 17, 2023

Vehicles soaring through the sky is what many people thought the future of cars would look like. As time has passed, technology has not delivered on every Hollywood promise but we do have electric cars. Many people wonder what is happening with these advanced vehicles. When will they be the only option? Where will this start happening? How will it change the market? What are the Cons and Pros? Are Teslas safe? Are electric cars better for the environment? There are many questions associated with electric cars.

When is it estimated to take over?

The time of electric cars is coming sooner than many may think. The New York Times announced that by 2025 there will be an exponential growth with electric cars on the road, and by 2050 most new cars will be electric. There are many things to prepare for before the world can go fully electric. By the time these battery powered cars take over the road, many of the imperfections that affect these cars now, hopefully will be dealt with and solved by then.  

The power grids that are in place right now could not handle it if everyone switched to electric cars right now. Due to the rise in electric cars in California, they are experiencing many brownouts because the electrical grid can’t handle it, this is why it will take some time before drivers can hop on the electric vehicle train.

Where will this start happening? 

Some of the major places where electric cars will hit the market in the U.S. according to The New York Times are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, San Diego, Portland, and many more. These places are the biggest marketers of electric cars because they have the most people, they are the most influential, and they have a greater diversity of electric vehicle options.

How will it change car buying?

Electric vehicles being introduced into the market has already changed car buying, but what will it be like when it is only vehicle being sold? The demand for digital car buying is going up as these advanced vehicles are becoming more frequent. Many car dealers are using the metaverse to strengthen the customer experience.

What are the Cons and Pros?

Many flaws go along with electric cars, but there are many advantages too. Some of the main problems that people have with these cars is finding charging stations. Due to not many people having electric cars there isn’t a need to have many charging stations. Electric cars can not go very far, but drivers who enjoy going on long trips should plan and search out some charging stations.

Although batteries that are needed for electric cars can get costly, the oil doesn’t need to get changed , the belts do not need to get replaced , and many other maintenance tasks that are not needed with going electric. Even though the initial cost is more for an electric car it will save the buyer more money in the long run compared to a normal car because of its battery that you have to change out every 3 to 4 years. 

Are Teslas safe?

Teslas have many new safety features that many other cars don’t have including blind spot warnings, lane departure warnings, automatic emergency brakes, front pedestrian stopping, and many more. They also have a lower center of gravity which means that it is harder to flip. What about the self-driving option? Well, the safe driving option is usually safer than human driving. It still can not always make up for human errors, and due to it being so new, these cars still have a few complications that need to be fixed before you can take a nap while driving. 

Image courtesy of TESLARITI.com

Are electric cars better for the environment?

The exponential growth of electric vehicles is continuing to rise, but what does it take to charge these “green” energy cars? First off we need to know where the energy from the charging stations come from? The energy comes from whatever the current power grid runs on. This could be coal, oil, and/or natural gasses. Let’s go back to before the vehicles are on the assembly line. Tesla releases more Co2 than an average car because of the lithium-ion battery that is used within a Tesla. According to The Wall Street Journal, “ Before it rolls off of the assembly line, the Tesla has generated 65% more emissions than the RAV4.” (An RAV4 is a car that takes gasoline).

 After some time, the cars have driven quite a lot and the tables have turned. The Co2 emissions that the normal car releases are about 2 times more Greenhouse gasses that go into the atmosphere than Tesla. Although it takes a very long time for this to happen. Therefore Teslas are more “Green” than normal cars.

In conclusion

As the research above has demonstrated, there is a while before the country can go fully electric. Electric vehicles are easier to maintain, but more costly upfront, better for the environment, but hard to find a charging station. It is a big debate for many people whether or not they are worth it. 



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