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POSTED March 16, 2023

“The number of subscriptions to online video streaming services around the world reached 1.1 billion in 2020” According to Streaming services are starting to be a massive part of our lives, with all of the content spread upon these services, it’s difficult to choose just one. Netflix and Hulu are the most popular streaming platforms on the internet.  You can own more than just one but, it comes with an extra cost. So this raises the question of which is better Netflix or Hulu?

I took data from a total of 66 people all over Sioux Falls, SD. I asked the question “based on all of the qualities listed which were quality of shows, the number of shows, accessiblility, and price which is better Netflix or Hulu.”   The result I got was 22 votes for Hulu and 24 votes for Netflix. Now, these results were close but why? Netflix has options all over the board on movies, shows, and comedies. The crucial thing they have over Hulu is popular shows with many hits like “Stranger Things” and “Outerbanks.” When people get streaming services for the first time they usually don’t know what to watch, so they watch the top shows. Hulu doesn’t really have those staple shows that catch people’s attention like Netflix. Hulu’s most-watched show, “Chance”, has 118 million viewing minutes, while “Netflix’s Stranger” Things has 5.1 billion viewing minutes.

I  also took data on the gender of the participants. 80 percent of the people who chose Hulu were male, and 75 percent of people who chose Netflix were female. Why is this? With Hulu often when you buy a premium subscription you get a package deal with ESPN which has sports. The majority of males I asked enjoyed sports. To make sure this data stayed true, I asked if they enjoyed sports after they chose. 90% of the males who chose Hulu enjoyed watching sports. 80 percent of females that I asked liked Netflix but didn’t enjoy watching sports. In my personal opinion, I think Hulu is better for the fact that it has package deals with ESPN because I enjoy sports. Netflix is a good streaming platform but I just don’t watch shows that much. The comedies on the platform are really good as well. I just think Hulu has more uses customized to me.












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