Milky Boys

POSTED February 8, 2018

German folk group Milky Chance stopped here in Sioux Falls January 28th as part of their “Blossom” tour originating from Kassel. It consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein; Dj and producer Philipp Dausch; and guitarist, Antonio Greger; with featured guest, a Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi.

There is a good chance that by now you have heard of Milky Chance, but you may not have had the chance to hear the next break out artist, hailing from Scotland, by the name of Lewis Capaldi. To kick open the show, Lewis and his good friend Ginger gave a performance with only a few songs and his two famous ones “Bruises” and “Fade,” when he would sing his songs it was like Lewis was inviting hundreds of people filling the room into his brokenness.

Up next it was time for Milky Chance to give the crowd the night they will remember for some time. Opening with “Clouds” and “Blossom,” the band members’ silhouettes dances amidst hypnotizing pastel hues of purple, green and blue, their lighting helped enhanced the mystique of their music. With Clemens Rehbein voice, on point instruments, and a two drum kit setup delivering ample bass beats and an exciting and colorful light show that would rival many festival stages, this was a fun concert, unless you are at a Blue Travelers show.

The band’s stage presence was simultaneously easy-going and energetic. Clemens gracefully nailed a guitar solo during the song ‘firebird’ and playfully make off-hand riffs during other songs. Milky Chance’s set was a healthy mix of hit songs off its debut album “sadnecessary” and their latest album “Blossom,” which was released late last year. Ever since the Milky Boys have steadily been moving the ranks in the U.S. alternate rock scene.  

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