Haunted Schools in the nation

POSTED March 24, 2023

When you hear the word “haunted” your mind may think of haunted houses, ghosts, or even demons, but if the spooky search is broadened to other types of buildings, haunted schools make their eerie entrance. Here are some of the schools that have been reported to have paranormal activity:


Des Moines, Iowa – Farrar Elementary School:  Not only is this school abandoned but it is also located next to a 150-year-old cemetery. Located just 30 minutes outside of Des Moines in Farrar, the elementary school was built in 1921, opened in 1922, and served children for 80 years until 2001 when it was officially closed for good. According to the Des Moines Register, “the only growing population is the tombstones in the cemetery.” Also, according to another source “voices, shadows, and orbs are common in the school”. 

Sources: Ghostly things happening in an empty school near Des Moines

               ABOUT FARRAR


Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Lincoln High School: Lincoln High School opened in October of 1965. Although there have been no reported deaths of students, staff, or even near-death experiences, according to the paranormal files and team, there have been some very creepy things happening down in the Lincoln High School basement. Moving chairs and ghostly noises are some of the most common sightings. If you want to hear more on Lincoln High School hauntings check out these two links: 

Source: Paranormal Files-The Most Haunted High School in America



New Orleans, Louisiana – Sophie B. Wright Middle School: This school is the only one that could send the National Guard running, Sophie B Wright Middle School in New Orleans stands as the first public all-girl school. The school was built in 1912 and served as a school until Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. It was then used as a living quarter for the US National Guard, but the National Guard soon found out that this school was haunted. “A Sergeant reported seeing a ghostly girl standing in a doorway” according to sources, and there was another report of a girl’s voice that was laughing when a person opened a specific closet door. 

Source: School Ghost Stories that Made the news


Athens, Ohio – Ohio University: Reports have claimed that not only is the campus haunted but Ohio University is considered the most haunted university in the US although not for the reason you think. “Until 1993, the Athens Lunatic Asylum was known to do lobotomies and electroshock therapy and operated across the street from the university” according to bestcolleges.com. But in Wilson Hall especially “Room 428 was home to several deaths.” Reports have also claimed “that students that stayed in the room reported objects flying off shelves and shattering against walls, and doors opening and shutting” again according to bestcolleges.com “but now the room is sealed off and declared uninhabitable.”  

Source: The 7 Most Haunted College Campuses 


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