Spring Activities

POSTED May 10, 2023

It’s officially Spring! The snow has melted and it’s finally getting warmer so it’s a perfect time to spend some more time outside. Listed below are 10 simple and suitable outdoor activities for Spring that can improve overall health: 


  1. Plant a garden: Even if it is just one or two plants, planting a garden in Spring is a perfect example of how to get some fresh air and stay connected to nature. There are many perks from planting a garden such as getting more exercise, improving your mental health, and reducing stress which leads to better mental health. 
  2. Plan a picnic: Having a picnic is not only a fun way to enjoy a meal, but it’s great for spending  more time with family and friends whilst getting fresh air.

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  3. Go for a run: Running is good for your mind and body and it has many benefits. Running outside means you’ll get more vitamin D which boosts your immune system and makes your bones stronger. (This also applies to all the activities listed because they are outside.) Studies show that people who run outdoors run longer and farther than those who run inside on a treadmill. Studies also show that people who run outside have faster times and decrease chances of depression as well as increase chances of doing the workout again and staying consistent.
  4. Take a hike: Hiking also means physical activity which is good for you and it’s stress relieving, calms anxiety and lowers chances of depression. Hiking can be challenging at times but it tends to be easier with company. Hiking is a good way to improve and grow relationships. Who doesn’t love that?
  5. Go to a zoo/petting zoo: Zoos are a perfect way to get out of the house and connect with nature. Zoos can also be educational for all ages but are especially for children. Zoos typically teach kids about animals and nature and can also be a good place to start to engage them in science. Supporting zoos also helps animal species who are endangered. 
  6. Climb a tree: A childhood favorite for many people, climbing trees can help teach kids problem solving skills, concentration, patience and creative thinking. Also, who wouldn’t want to see the world from a new perspective?

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  7. Play catch: Catch is a good way to make being active fun.To play catch you can use basically anything that’s safe. I recommend any sports ball: baseball, football, softball, volleyball, dodgeball, etc. If none of those are accessible, a creative, fun and cheap alternative would be to make one with rolled up socks, a newspaper or basically anything you can find in your house that could be made into a ball. Catch also helps people with muscle development, hand-eye coordination and athleticism. 
  8. Join a sport: Rather than playing a ball sport there are other sports if those are better suited for you. For instance, there’s track and field, swimming, dance, gymnastics,  and more. Joining a sport instead of playing it at home can teach cooperation, dedication, commitment and hard work. Sports can cure boredness and create friendships along with reaching personal fitness goals, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and often encourages good decision making. 
  9. Build a bonfire: Bonfires are a personal favorite of mine because there are so many things that can go along with them. For instance, turning the fire into a grill to make dinner is so much more fun. A hotdog is the most popular but there are campfire grill racks sold at stores that can instantly turn your campfire into an outdoor grill. This way bigger meats and vegetables can be cooked as well. After dinner, it is obviously desert and there is no better desert over the fire than S’mores. All it takes to make a S’more is a marshmallow toasted, two halves of a graham cracker and any chocolate big enough to fit on the graham cracker. Food isn’t the only fun activity one can do around the fire. Bonfires are one thousand times more fun with people than by oneself. Invite over friends, family or even a neighbor to enjoy fun activities or just each other’s company.  
  10. Go to a park: Parks are such a fun way to get out of the house and move your body. People of all ages can go to parks to meet new people, hang out with friends and family, some you can even walk your dog/s at. Other activities include flying a kite, skating, roller blading, riding scooters, bird watching, playing on the playground/s or playing other sports. 
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