Roosevelt Student Spotlight: Karen Morales

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Roosevelt Student Spotlight: Karen Morales

Photo courtesy of Karen Morales

Photo courtesy of Karen Morales

Photo courtesy of Karen Morales

Shaina Tran, Writer

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In years past, imagining a woman on the wrestling team or a man on the cheer team seemed  a bit absurd.  Traditionally, the idea of sports playing a role in society has categorized what women are able to do as well as what men are able to join. However, this year Roosevelt High School has gone against gender roles by accepting senior, Karen Morales on their wrestling team. Going against all gender discriminations, she has made a significant impact on the future of sports and activities at RHS.

Down below lists a few questions given to Karen which she was not reluctant to answer with confidence and passion.


Q: Why did you join wrestling?

A: I wanted to try something different and it would help me out with MMA

Q: Being in wrestling, what are a few challenges you encountered?

A: Being a girl was a huge disadvantage. Generally they’re [men are] stronger than girls and I had a lot of doubters.

Q: While on the mat was there a time when someone would let you win because you were a girl?

A: Never because guys usually went harder on girls because they didn’t want to lose to a girl

Q: Are you the only girl who was in wrestling this year or were there more female wrestlers?

A: We had two other girls: a 7th grader named Allie and a 9th grader named Sammy

Q: So no girl went to state this year, was it because they were a girl or was it simply because they didn’t qualify?

A: Because of qualification. In wrestling there are several weight classes and only one person from each weight class gets to wrestle at state so they take the best.

Q: Are you hoping, in the future, that a girl gets the opportunity to make it to state?

A: From Roosevelt yes because they’ve had a few girls make it to state from South Dakota but never from Roosevelt

Q: Being in wrestling do you hope to inspire women to join activities that aren’t the ideal gender sport for them?

A: Yes I’m hoping that it gives young girls that spark that just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t do this

Q: Because a girl as a wrestler at Roosevelt is unique would a girl in football ever happen?

A: I hope so and I think it’s a possibility but it’s all up to the girl

Q: Drifting off from women, what about men? Men in cheer?

A: I think that’s awesome. I feel like if it’s your passion “Go for it!”


In short, Karen has shown remarkable achievements and, being one of a few girls who has joined the wrestling team, has shown that she isn’t going to allow the depiction of society control her decisions on what to join.

In hopes of seeing more change at RHS, Karen ended the interview with a brief, yet inspiring quote stating, “Just because it’s considered a female or male sport doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. If it is your passion, go for it.”