The Addams Family

Shaylah Motley, Writer, Photographer

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On May third roughly 70 students involved with Roosevelts musical production of “The Addams Family” finally unveiled their hard work, two months in the making.  to a public audience. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with some even saying “The Addams Family” was the best play put on in the Sioux Falls school district. The show was based on the Broadway production of “The Addams Family” which was set a few years after the renowned film and T.V. series. In the musical, the beloved child character, Wednesday, (played by Kaylee Gross) is now 18 and meets a young man by the name of Lucas Beineke (played by Kaleb Baker). The two quickly fall in love, but one problem arises between the two: their families simply don’t like each other. The ensuing conflict results in a number of goofy shenanigans and a heart warming story many wouldn’t want to miss.

A collaborative effort, the show had  ten main cast members playing both the Addams and the Beinekes, which included Kaleb Baker, Kaylee Gross, Evan Walicke, Emma Volk, Dylan Larsen, Trayce Versteeg, Nolan Wipf, Thomas Leffring, Alex Cook and Alexis Fleming, with help from student director, Bryce VanDenHoek and Roosevelt’s newly added hall of famer, Alex Kunz. Although Roosevelt may have to wait for the spring show of 2020 for the next musical, “The Addams Family” is one that will go down in history.