Roosevelt Rough Riders football team currently number one in the state

Arianna Formey, Writer

Whoop, whoop! Roosevelt is on a roll this year! On Friday September 21, coach Kim Nelson lead Roosevelts varsity football players to their fifth win this season, for a record of 5-0! Friday nights have been Rider’s Nights with wonderful results.  One such night was the game played against Yankton on September 14, and after many incredible plays like 65 and 53 yard touchdowns, Roosevelt took a 35-22 victory leaving Yankton 1-3.

Right now the Rough Riders varsity football team is number one in the state, with wins against Lincoln (23-9), Washington (29-0), Stevens (48-19), Yankton (35-22) and Brandon Valley(24-7). If you would like to see the highlights of these games go to

What has led the Riders to this victory streak? Some may say it’s because of their amazing defense,  Lincoln’s football coach commented ¨They’re the best defense in the state.¨ after the Roosevelt vs Lincoln game on September 7.

Coach Nelson also had something to say on this subject, “But the thing I like about our defense is that when you’re always attacking it’s hard to take a play off. When you’re sitting back and reading, sometimes it’s easy to just get blocked. If your job is to go through the A-gap you just gotta go. It puts the game in the hands of a high school quarterback – you make him win the game. And that’s hard.¨

The Riders will play O’Gorman on September 28 for Roosevelt’s Homecoming game!  Hopefully the streak will continue!