The Explosion in Lebanon

Video Courtesy of Dan Van Duren and BBC News

Brooke Wilcox, Editor

“The Explosion in Lebanon”

“The Explosion” in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4th, 2020 was a devastating event that severely impacted  a struggling city, resulting in at least 190 deaths, 6,500 injuries, and left 300,000 people in a state of  poverty. 


Although investigations are still  taking place, the Ships former Captain believes that the accident was caused by a fire that started near 2,750- tons of ammonium nitrate that was stored in that building for over 6 years, so once the flame hit that chemical it was unbelievably terrible.  One thing to realize is that when ammonium nitrate is stored for a long time it begins to decay so it is more flammable and toxic, that explains why the explosion was so severe. 

Secondly, many people were affected by this accidental tragedy. One heartbreaking story is about a man named Charbel Karam, part of the fire brigade and a first responder on scene.  This father of two was killed while saving other patrons in danger, leaving behind his wife and daughters to grieve.


Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab and President  Michael Aoun have a lot of things to fix. Though this tragedy was an accident these two men need to find a way to resolve everything.