COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

Brooke Wilcox, Editor

COVID-19 has taken over our nation in mysterious ways that affect humankind all around the nation. 

To begin, one question that has been asked is How far are they into creating a vaccine? 

According to they currently have no vaccine, but researchers are working hard to get one. This may be hard for our nation because they can’t just create a vaccine in a couple of days it takes months, maybe even years. An example of how this vaccine is in the works is  people like Jennifer Haller, one of the many volunteers to get the vaccine tried on her. But it was not successful  but that was only the first stage of the study. This is very important because since they have no vaccine yet for COVID-19 we hopefully follow all the rules and  guidelines  that are recommended to help us as humans to try to slow down COVID-19 since we have no vaccine yet.


Second, another concern is who will the vaccine be available too? 

According to the they will have a limited supply in the start when the vaccine becomes available and useful. That would mean some humans would not be able to get vaccinated right away. This is difficult for some people to realize because as humans we  tend to want to have the best for our family or even ourselves. When we have to wait for a vaccine it causes a lot of anxiety. When there is a  limited supply how will humans that can’t get the vaccine right away respond? 


Next, another question that came out was will the vaccine be free or how much will it cost? 

A lot of Americans will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine at no additional cost and that is all because of the congressional legislation. This is so nice for us humans because the government is paying for a vaccine to be researched and made that helps us the people out a tremendous amount. The only downside with that is if you as a person is not insured you have to pay out of pocket for the vaccine.  Will everyone have the ability to have an equal shot at receiving the vaccine? The answer to this question is  no because it all depends on if that person has insurance or not.


Finally, my last question is  how will the vaccine be put in people’s bodies?

Well it will be just like a flu shot, researchers say. This answer is honestly the best one we could get. This vaccine will be just like any other shot you would get and that is very relieving to people because they don’t have to go do some crazy thing just to get the vaccine put in them.


All in all,  COVID-19 has been a very interesting time in history, it is scary, confusing, and most importantly difficult to adjust to a new time in history.