How to keep Pets Safe in Winter

Matthew Buckmaster, Writer


Pets hold a special place in all our hearts but there is a natural predator that wants to hurt your pet. Can you guess what it is? It is……. Winter, One of  the most dangerous times for pets. Here is some information to help you fight back against winter and keep your furry friends safe. And also how to keep your pets safe outside in the cold.


When your pet is outside

  1. Know your pet’s limits 
  2. Check the weather temperature and see if it safe for your pet to be out so long
  3. Wipe their paws when they come in from outside
  4. Give them shelter (cover them with blankets, make them feel comfortable, turn on the fireplace)
  5. When walking with them outside, always have them on a leash even if they can walk by your side without one.
  6. Stay off the ice (ice is slippery and can break under immense weight)
  7. Leave them home (don’t leave them in the car without it on) 
  8. Be prepared (for storms, temperature drops)
  9. Avoid spills on the sidewalk or path(antifreeze, water,)
  10. Be seen (at night)- bring a flashlight, wear a miners helmet, wear neon vest or clothing so cars can see you.


 How to keep food safe for pets in the winter

  1. Keep extra pet food in case of a winter storm. 
  2. Make sure the food is not frozen. 
  3. Make sure the pet doesn’t eat what can harm them. 
  4. Always have bottled water for emergencies. 
  5. Keep extra plastic bowls for emergencies.
  6. Make sure the pet has enough food for a couple of days if you are going to be gone.
  7. Never give the pet anything that would harm them.
  8. Always check the food and water for bugs/bacteria. 
  9. Never leave food outside for the pet. 
  10. Make sure the pet sitter knows where the food and treats are if you are going to be away.