How to stay active during Fall/Winter

Matthew Buckmaster, Writer

 Fall and Winter can be restless, busy, and stressful times for some people. With temperatures dropping and illnesses  rising. Here are some popular ways to stay in shape and to be active during the colder months.

Ways to stay in shape/active during Fall:

  1.       Go for a walk before it gets colder
  2.       Practice some yoga inside or outside
  3.       Rake some leaves
  4.       Do some squats/Jumping jacks
  5.       Go for a run
  6.       Enjoy the outdoors (go on camping trips, hikes, bike rides)
  7.       Read a book outside
  8.       Write a story/poem outside
  9.       Get plenty of rest but keep a regular schedule with a set wake-up time
  10.       Get active in the community (pumpkin patches, fun runs, community projects)


    Ways to stay in shape/active during winter:

  1.       Get outside on the days you can
  2.       Eat healthy
  3.       Don’t strain yourself with workouts (don’t push yourself over the edge with workouts)
  4.       Exercise consistently
  5.       Enjoy time with family
  6.       Read a book
  7.       Enjoy winter break
  8.       Find a hobby that interest you
  9.       Go skiing, sledding, snowboarding  
  10.       Clean around the house


Stressed out during Winter or Fall then here are some stress relievers:

  1.       Enjoy a hot treat
  2.       Watch a movie
  3.       Play a video game (for a few hours at most)
  4.       Get together with friends and family to play a board game
  5.       Write an a journal 

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