Million year old human skull discovered in China

Landri Vander Velde, Writer

A one million-year-old human skull was discovered by archeologists at the Xuetang Liangzi site in Shiyan, China about a month ago. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Two Homo Erectus skulls were discovered at this same site in 1989-1990. However, the two Homo Erectus skulls were badly damaged by the pressures happening due to the fossilization processes going on, therefore they could not be studied. Later on, archeological evidence was found that all these skulls belonged to the same age. Archaeologists are being very careful while also trying to proceed with their research. They are trying to not damage this fossil because it is so rare. So far they’ve dug enough to reveal the top of the very valuable head. They are planning to continue the excavation in November at a slow (and safe) pace until the skull can be removed from the ground.