Tragedy in South Korea

Landri Vander Velde, Author

October 29th in Seoul, South Korea, 153 people died and 103 were injured while celebrating Halloween festivities. 23 out of the 103 injured are in critical condition and 79 have more mild injuries. “Bodies were everywhere” according to 43 year old Reagan Swanga who lives near where this had happened. This tragedy was reported at 10:15 PM on Saturday. President Yoon said,  “As the president who bears the responsibilities for the lives and the safety of our people, I have a heavy heart and the sorrow is too much to bear.” Yoon addressed this not long after he arrived at the scene in Itaewon Valley where it had happened and silently left the area without talking to any reporters. According to, “the Itaewon Fire Station said in an earlier briefing that 21 people were confirmed to have suffered cardiac arrest in the surge, and Choi said bodies were being sent to hospitals or a gym, where bereaved family members could identify them.”