Population Milestone

Luis Gaspar, Writer

Imagine living on a planet with around 4 million people? How about a planet with 190 million people? Or 1 billion people? Well, if you are on Earth, these were the estimated populations in 10,000 BCE, the year 0, and 1803 CE, respectively.  As of today, 11/15/22, there are now 8 billion people on Earth, according to a projection from the United Nations, which also means that for the last 220 years, the population has increased to 7 billion! Increasing from 7 billion to 8 billion took around 11 years, and now there is already an estimated time for Earth to reach 9 billion by the year 2037. What does the future look like for Earth and people? There might not be enough resources for everyone and the human impact on the atmosphere and nature will likely add more of a strain. Exactly how many people will this planet of ours hold before a global disaster occurs? (Tune in next week when we name off every single person from the 8 billion population.)