2022 FIFA World Cup Journey

Luis Gaspar, Writer

Winter has been a pain in South Dakota these past couple of weeks, a lot of snow, frozen cars, and now ice rain. But what is going on in Qatar? The 2022 World Cup! So, if you live in South Dakota, sit back and watch the World Cup before it ends on December 18th. A lot of people have probably forgotten that the World Cup was going to be this year, due to it beginning in November, and there have been multiple intense games this past month. With France being the 2018 World Cup champions, they are currently playing in the semi finals against Morocco. Will they win this year again and be the third country to win the World Cup back to back? Or will Morocco make history and make it to the finals? Not only is the spotlight on these two teams, but also on many famous players like Lionel Messi, playing for Argentina #10, Cristano Ronaldo, playing for Portugal #11, Neymar Jr., playing for Brazil #10, Luis Suarez, playing for Uruguay #9, and Luka Mordić, playing for Croatia #10. These are only a few of the famous players listed, but this will also be their last World Cup. But of course, some can probably change their mind and come back to the 2026 World Cup. With Ronaldo, Neymar, and Suarez’s teams being eliminated, they had to say goodbye. It was a challenging World Cup with many fouls, assists, offsides, yellow cards, and red cards, they all worked hard and did their best to make it far for their country. Now, we have to wait to see who will go against Argentina in the finals, and who will be the 2022 World Cup champions.