2022 World Cup Makes History

Luis Gaspar, Writer

As the weather has gotten worse in South Dakota, the World Cup has finally finished and with a really interesting finals game. From where we left off, France and Morocco were going against each other in the semi-finals and one of those teams were going to go and play Argentina in the finals. Well, France managed to get the win with a score of 2-0. Morocco did their best and they did make history in this World Cup. On 12/18/22, everything was about to go down, Argentina vs France. Would France be the third country to win the World Cup back to back, or would this be Messi’s first World Cup victory and his best last World Cup? 


Update 12/21/22


As the final match starts off, Argentina makes the first goal, which was a penalty shot by #10 Lionel Messi, at 23 minutes. They have the lead and then at 36 minutes, number #11 Di María scores a goal. We can see that Argentina has a great lead in the game and it looks like they will be the 2022 World Cup winners. 


But wait, from a penalty at 80 minutes, #10 Kylian Mbappe scores the first goal for France, making it 2-1. With about 10 minutes left, could France actually make a comeback? Or is this it for them? At 81 minutes, only about a minute later, Mbappe scored a fantastic goal for France! 


We have a tie of 2-2 with only about 10 minutes left.


As the full 90 minutes of the game finished, both teams had to go overtime, will this determine who is the winner? At 81 minutes, Messi scored again with another goal! This has to be it, that’s how it should end, right? A 3-2 game? 


No. Mbappe, the 23 year old France player, scored a penalty at 118 minutes. Now that it is 3-3, the tension is there for the Argentina players and many fans in the stadium and behind the TV screen. 


Finally, it goes to penalties. The results of the penalty shootout was France making two goals out of the four and Argentina making all four goals. 


That’s it, Argentina are the 2022 World Cup champions! Messi making history and ending his World Cup career as a champion and Mbappe, one of the best young soccer players, making history for this fantastic World Cup. 


Now, we wait to see what the 2026 World Cup will bring us. Will any old players come back? Will Mbappe make a comeback and bring France to victory? Or will it be an unexpected team that will be the next champions?