NFL injury increases concern for health of players

Brody Bohnet, Writer

NFL wide receiver Russel Gage carted off Raymond James Stadium after making contact with another player, during wildcard weekend. In the final game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys, Russel Gage took a hit from Cowboy’s safety, Donovan Wilson, after an incomplete pass intended for Gage. Gage appeared to be okay after the play and attempted to stand up, but couldn’t. After trainers and medical staff rushed onto the field to assist Gage, they ended up having to cart him off to the hospital. Tuesday morning the Buccaneers sent out an update on Gage confirming he had suffered a concussion and a neck injury on the play. The team also confirmed that he has movement in all of his extremities. Additional testing will be needed in order to provide more information on Russel Gage.

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