Mother dies while defending her child from bullies

Landri Vander Velde, Writer

January 17th 2023, in San Antonio, Texas, a fight sparked from bullying left one woman dead and one other person severely injured. Ashley Lopez, age 28, died outside her home while defending her 11 year old daughter from a group of bullies that had followed her home. There were around 15-30 people in that same area of Angela Walk and South Picasso Street, which was where the fight took place. Ashley Lopez died from injuries after getting run over intentionally, by a suspect in the case Pennie Gomez. Officials are investigating her connections to the children involved.  As for the other woman, she has not been identified but she is alive. An arrest report viewed by the station said that a witness started banging on the window of Gomez’s car to tell her that she had hit someone and they were still stuck underneath the car, when the witness tried to lift the car up for her, Gomez drove off and dragged both the women about 30 feet. Gomez is being charged with murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and found in an investigation Gomez was wanted for drug possession as well and is facing additional charges. Gomez is now being held on a $251,000 dollar bond. 


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