31-year-old skier dies in avalanche

Sophia Maynard, Writer

Sunday, January 30, 2023, a 31-year-old, freestyle skier, and previous world champion Kyle Smaine went skiing in Japan and died during an avalanche triggered by another skier.

“Dear Husband and my whole world, officially married November 18, 2022, which not many people knew about,” His recently married wife Jenna Dramise proclaimed on Monday, “I’m so incredibly thankful that I got to marry you and have you in my life.” 

13 people were hit by the unforgivable avalanche and 2 were found dead including Mr. Smaine. Along with him, 5 foreign national champions were there while the avalanche took its course.

Shortly before the avalanche hit, he posted a video on Instagram saying, “This is what brings me back to Japan each winter. Unbelievable snow quality, non-stop storms, and really fun terrain that seems to get better the more exploring you do.” The mountain that they were skiing on was 8,100 feet high, and a few of the skiers were able to climb down after the avalanche.