What is the World Baseball Classic?

Brody Bohnet

The World Baseball Classic is a tournament that takes place every three years and includes teams from around the world.  The tournament originated from the Olympics after, in 2005, the Olympic board decided to remove the sport from the organization. The WBC grew from this and was the most-watched program in Japanese television history. The first official tournament was hosted by Japan, Puerto Rico, and The United States. The winner of the 2006 tournament was Japan, After this tournament, WBC grew in popularity.


The current world baseball Classic in 2023 has four pools, each pool containing five teams. The top two teams from each pool advance to bracket play. Single-elimination games are played between the eight teams. The four teams that advanced this year are; The United States, Cuba, Japan, and Mexico. Overall, this tournament has had an impact worldwide, to a degree that a player named Duque Hebbert signed a minor league contract with Detroit Tigers after striking out three MLB stars, Including Juan Soto, Julio Rodriguez, and finally Rafael Denver. This tournament also shows the possibilities of players working together that are not on a team together.