This is why the U.S. President had a bowl of shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day

Sophia Maynard, Writer

Shamrocks (wood sorrels) are usually seen around St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks are more than just a green, three-leafed plant; they are very symbolic. It was said that St. Patrick used it to explain the Christian holy trinity to converts.

Why did our president have a bowl of them on St. Patrick’s Day? Put simply, it is a sign of peace. Every year the taoiseach (the Irish word for Prime Minister) visits the U.S. and meets with the President at the White House and brings a bowl of shamrock to the current President. The plant was first introduced into the White House in 1952. According to, the shamrock symbolizes that the “Relationships between the two countries will continue to be on a good and efficient level for generations.”,pink%2C%20green%2C%20and%20silver.