Why are countries dropping the US Dollar?

Brody Bohnet

For over 100 years, the US dollar has been a huge part of the world’s economy. This has started to change with countries like Brazil, Russia, and China all dropping the US dollar. The real question is why? According to digital reports from the Geopolitical Economy “China’s President Xi Jinping traveled to Russia, where he pledged “changes we haven’t seen for 100 years.” ” This puts the United States in a state of Economic statecraft. This is basically another definition of Economic Warfare. It seems to be that countries are taking more initiative to have less reliance on our dollar. A great example of this is Indonesia. According to the Geopolitical Economy,” Top of the agenda are discussions to reduce dependence on the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, and British Pound from financial transactions and move to settlements in local currencies.” This should be an alarming concern for a lot of concern for US citizens. This should also be something that the US government is examing, slowing, and hopefully reversing in the near future.