Porter Sculpture Park Vandalized Causing Major Damage

Samantha Jones

Earlier this month on May 12, The Porter Sculpture Park in Montrose was vandalized just days before its opening. The creator and operator of the park, Wayne Porter, stated that it will take several years to repair the damage. The famous sculpture of the bull and its four guardians had been vandalized. The guardians stationed around the bull have been beheaded and the heads are nowhere to be found. However, the bull was spray-painted with the message “Satan is defeated,” and “Jesus is King.” A few other sculptures in the park have been vandalized such as the Irish monks and another sculpture depicting the brother of the artist. There had been a few instances of other cases of vandalism in the park using spray paint but nothing like this. People have been commenting on the park’s social media that the bull sculpture is Moloch. Moloch is in some religious texts as a deity whose worship was marked by sacrifices of children by their parents even when the bull looks nothing like a Moloch since the Moloch has legs and arms. Some visitors say they felt a Satanic influence while in the park and others would say that the artist and her brother must be the world’s best Christians.