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Where do we get our caffeine from?


From soda to sports drinks to coffee, caffeine can come in many different forms. After surveying 100 students at Roosevelt High School, this is their feedback. 

We had searched online the top 10 most popular types of coffee, and included those results in our survey. 

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As you can see, a vast majority of these high school students get their caffeine elsewhere, and not through coffee. For the majority of coffee drinkers, 18 people chose Frappe, followed closely by Iced coffee with 16 people. However with the data collected; Cold brew, Irish coffee and Black coffee proved to be less preferred based on the small number of students that had selected that type.

We at The Nationalist did a survey of the most popular Gatorade flavors and the results are shown below. The most common Gatorade flavor was cool blue and the most uncommon flavor was lime cucumber. People have their own taste in flavors they like but Gatorade is one of the most common sports drinks so it’s very popular for people to like the same flavors.

The majority of the students interviewed chose Sprite as their preferred soda. The top 5 being Sprite, Root Beer, Dr.Pepper, Coke and Fanta.

The least popular soft drinks were Pepsi and Welch’s Grape Soda. 

3.1% of peoples preferred kinds were not listed and categorized as “other”; 6.1% of people do not drink soda out of the 100 students asked.



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