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The Bachelor 2018

Mary Tran, Writer, Photographer

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     On March 5, conflict arose when The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., couldn’t decide who he wanted to propose to. The last two women, Becca and Lauren, didn’t know what was in store for them. Arie ended up choosing Becca to marry but decided Becca wasn’t the right one for him a few weeks later. What left the Bachelor nation irritated at Arie was his choice to televise the break up… Live!

     Becca Krufin handled the situation more maturely than most people would have thought. She only shed a couple of tears while Arie sat there watching and trying his best to comfort her. Becca repeatedly told Arie to leave, yet he refused to go. The next day Becca talked to Chris Harrison on stage; she didn’t make a complete fool out of Arie like people hoped she would. Instead, she simply said she had questions for Arie. Arie soon came out and Becca asked him the basic questions: “Why did you propose if you felt uncertain?”, “When did you absolutely find out you wanted Lauren?”, and finally “Why?” While Arie explained himself saying, “I shouldn’t have proposed in the first place,” Becca asked “Why did you, then?” He replied, “The pressure of being the bachelor and the timeline, but still I have to own up to it”.

     Lauren Burnham, the runner up, had a visit from Arie after the break up. When she opened the door, she immediately flew into his arms. Lauren knew that Arie broke up with Becca, yet she still struck Arie with the question: “Are you sure you’re over Becca?” He then replied with “I’m 1000% sure I’m over Becca.” Which left everyone watching at home scream at their TV. Arie and Lauren later went on stage and after a bit of talking and clearing things up, he proposed to Lauren.

     Jason Mesnick, a former Season 13 Bachelor, helped Arie out with the whole situation in deciding who to pick. Jason had the same conflict in his season when he proposed to Melissa and, a few weeks after, said she was not who he expected. Later, Jason proposed to Molly, the runner-up, and to this day they are still together. Jason and Molly made an appearance on the episode “After the Final Rose,” giving advice to Arie and Lauren stating that they should take a long trip somewhere far away from everybody for while. Jason and Molly also said, “Our first piece of advice, most certainly, would have been to break up privately.”

     Arie has also said in multiple interviews that he wouldn’t take back filming the break up with Becca, announcing, “I don’t think I’d take it back just because I wanted to share the break up, and I wanted everyone to know that was totally from me and that break up was on me and that I wasn’t ready for that proposal.” He and Lauren have discussed their future together on various interviews and talks such as Jimmy Kimmel, The Hollywood Reporter, ABC News and Entertainment Tonight.

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The Bachelor 2018